Tibialis curls and slant board exercises

How do I use my Tibialis Bar?
 Your Tibialis Bar consists of a foot rest with custom sleeve padding, two weight-plate stoppers and one lock-jaw collar.
When loading the Tibialis Bar, keep the gapping to a minimal between the weight stoppers, plates and the lock-jaw collar. You want to ensure that everything is tightened as much as possible.
Place your feet in the foot rest with custom sleeve padding facing towards you and providing support to the top part of your foot. Allow the ankle to go through a full range of motion by pointing the toes downwards until you feel a stretch in your Tibs (shins) and flexing it back up as far as you can.
How do I perform slant board exercises?
Slant board exercises can be used to strengthen your knee full a full knee bend (flexion) by decreasing the amount of ankle mobility needed. Our slant boards have a non-slip surface to ensure safety and comfortable use.
slant board exercises
Poliquin step-ups
slant board step ups
Split Squats
slant board exercises
VMO squats
hack squats