Full Knee Bend Tibialis Bar and Slantboard

Is the Tibialis Bar and Slantboard made in South Africa?

Yes! The Tibialis Bars and Slantboards are designed, manufactured and shipped in South Africa.

    What size weights are the Tibialis Bar compatible with?

    Any standard olympic size plates which are 50.8mm or larger in diameter. 

    Does the Tibialis Bar come with weights?

    No. The Tibialis Bar does not come with weights. 

    What is the maximum weight capacity of the Tibialis Bar?

    The Tibialis Bar has been tested to maintain 25kg load. We don't recommend loading the Tibialis Bar beyond this point. You will likely perform tib raises with 5kg to 15kg, which means the 25kg maximum load is more than enough.

    What is the Tibialis Bar made of?

    The Tibialis Bar is made out of strong, lightweight aluminum. Our lightweight design means you can take it everywhere!

    What are the dimensions of the Slantboard?

    Our slantboards are 300mm x 500mm x 140mmm.

    What is the maximum load capacity of the Slantboard?

    Our slantboards are load tested to 300kg capacity.

    I've placed my order, how long does shipping take?

    Once your order has been processed, we start to get your FullKneeBend box of goods ready for shipment!

    Shipping takes 3-5 working days for orders placed within South Africa