full knee bend | tibialis bar

EFFECTIVE solution for training your anterior tibialis through a full range of motion with measurable load. Strengthening your anterior tibialis and shins may help reduce the risk for shin splints, knee pain and help with overall lower body athleticism. Strengthen your ankles and improve ankle flexibility.

PERFECT FOR ATG training which has been popularized by Ben Patrick (kneesovertoesguy) and the Athletic Truth Group community. The Tibialis Bar can be used to perform tibialis raises seen in Zero, Dense and Standards of the ATG program.

25KG TESTED - Each Tibialis Bar is capable of loading up to 25kg for training your anterior tibialis. This is more than enough for most people. If you are repping 25kg's for 25+ repetitions, you might be setting the new record.

FITS OLYMPIC PLATES - Any standard rubber or iron 50.8mm plate fits on the Tibialis Bar. Weights are not included with the Tibialis Bar

full knee bend | Slantboard

STRENGTHEN your knee through a full knee bend with our custom made slantboards.

VMO specific strengthening made easy with Poliquin and Patrick step-ups, hack squats and heel-elevated split squats.

LIGHTWEIGHT design with handle which allows you to train kneesovertoes wherever you want.

LOAD TESTED up to 300kg which makes our slantboard user-friendly for beginners and veteran lifters.

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